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One Month Out

Well, here we are. One month until we can begin to scrub away the pain of the Orange Bowl. Whoever said that time heals wounds is a liar. Somehow, I am not sure that beating TCU will heal much either, but it'll have to do for now. To honor this new beginning, I have decided to post my thoughts on the team at least bi-weekly. Take them for what they are worth and feel free to send comments, questions, etc. and I will attempt to address all Sooner related matters quickly.

As fall two-a-days begin to commence, I am very encouraged by the youth and hunger of this team. I feel that last year, despite the perfect regular season, still had the scars of the past. Sure, White, Cody, Clayton, et al will be remembered as Sooner greats and Big XII Champions. But, when USC hit us in the mouth early on, the old demons of KState 2003 and LSU reared their ugly heads. By the middle of the 2nd quarter, the players had the old "here we go again" look. This team has new leadership and (gasp) more athletic talent. Sure, White was a Heisman winner, but no one thought that Heupel would ever be surpassed either.

This brings me to the QB situation. Thompson or Bomar both would bring a new element to the offense, one that Coach Wilson has been looking for since his days in Evanston. While similar in that regard, both QBs have different strengths and weaknesses. Thompson brings a maturity that we will need this year in the offense. The dropoff in leadership, in my opinion, will be minimal. However, I am concerned about midrange accuracy of Thompson. His quick release will be great for the shorter routes and I know that he can throw it deep, but the 10-15 yard curls and crossing routes may need time to develop. Alternatively, Bomar brings explosiveness and all of the ability in the world. He is film workhouse, as is Thompson. If Bomar plays early, that bodes well for the future. However, Bomar may give us some growing pains.

Unlike the rest of the media, let us not forget the golden-armed Grady. While not as mobile as either Thompson or Bomar, Grady clearly has the best arm of the three. And, he is more mobile than White in 2003-2004, which will open up the playbook for Adrian some. Grady also may have some growing pains, but his arm is NFL-ready, making for an intriguing prospect with Quentin Chaney making a splash in the offense.

The moral of the story: Thompson starts early on, only to be beat out by the fast-rising Bomar or Grady. The decision will be made by the offensive line. If this line can come together quickly, Grady may be the best choice for this year. However, if holes begin to show, Bomar will come of the bench early to relieve Thompson. All three will play in the early season v. TCU and Tulsa just to get all some live time.

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