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The Bigger they are....

Recovery...Dejection....Depression...Jumping From an I-35 bridge in Pauls Valley....Any of these sound familiar? I contemplated all three after this last Saturday's debacle. I realize that Bob and staff have to be respectful of TCU, but we don't. Sure, they kicked us around all game. But, as fans, we do not have to ignore the fact that this should not happen based on talent. TCU doesn't ordinarily beat OU. Problems with the OU team allow an opportunity for TCU to win. TCU should be commended for answering the bell.

On to the game...The offensive line was real news flash there. We need to get better there. I think that fans underestimate the effect of Millington and Keith leaving on the psyche of the team. Offensive line play is all attitude. Look back at the offseason between 2001-2002. We had just experienced a paradoxical season, with one of the great defenses ever assembled and one of the most inept offensive attacks. Mark Mangino was hired away by KU and Wilson, seemingly the bane of our existence now, was brought in. In the offseason, Wilson transformed the line into a monster leading Q to a record year. It was the same players, different attitude. We need that attitude back. Despite fans' belief of Wilson, he can bring that back...with or without Keith and Millington.

The quarterbacks looked like they had no chance. With a serviceable line and running game, there was no time. TCU brought guys from all over. However, it did not take much to see that Bomar is a better choice than Thompson. All I needed was to see Bomar on two plays: his run on his first play and his pass to Chaney at the end of the 2nd quarter. That pass was better than anything Thompson put up all day. I realized that there is a reason why Thompson would be a good WR anywhere else. Get ready for four years of Bomar. There will be a learning curve, but it will be quick. He is the best athlete that OU has had at QB since Charles Thompson and a great student of the game.

On the bright side, I felt that the defense looked great. Secondary, especially CO, looked fantastic. It was a better performance than we saw in many games last year and with a young team to boot. We will see good things defensively from this year's Sooners.

Onward to the future. Fans are talking that a Rose Bowl may be out of reach because of this loss. That is way beyond my concern. This is an extremely young and TALENTED team. We will get better. The good times are ahead. This team has met adversity that OU has not seen in 6 years. These young players will never again feel that any team is a W just because they are wearing crimson helmets. The goal for this year is still the same. We can still win the Big 12. The talent is there and here's betting that the heart is back too. At the end of the year, people will say the same about this team that they said in 2002 about the USC Trojans: that 10-2 was called the best team in the country, no matter what the polls said. And we all know what they did the last few years.

This week: OU 41 - Tulsa 6

Lock of the Week: Marshall +9 v. K-State at home


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